Mac user? Here’s how to dramatically speed up your remote working

If you like to grab your MacBook, go and sit in a coffee shop or in the park and do some work, this will make everything feel much faster.

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Macs are great. A huge number of creative types swear by them, me included. But if you’re working on a slow or limited internet connection, say you’re connected through your phone’s Personal Hotspot or on a café’s shared WiFi, Macs have a tendency to be doing loads of downloading in the background which can really slow down your workflow.

iCloud, automatic App Store updates, contacts, calendars, photos — it all adds up, and when you’re on limited bandwidth it can cripple your internet speed.

Enter TripMode. It’s a simple little app that shows you what’s using your data and lets you turn each app on or off. It also shows you how much data you’re using, so you can keep an eye on your costs if you’re on a limited data hotspot.

It remembers your settings for each network, so you don’t have to manually turn everything back on when you’re back home on your fast WiFi.

It’s not free, but it’s a small one-off payment of £6.79 (at time of writing). My results with it have been great, and it’s reduced my stress working out in crowded coffee shops when some arse is streaming videos in the corner. The greatest praise I can give for TripMode is that I completely forget about it — once it’s set up it just does its job really well in the background, letting me get on with my work at full speed.

You can find out more about TripMode and buy it here >