Don’t be a duper

When you’re trying to build trust, don’t fall back on deception to grab your customers’ attention.

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We’ve all seen those emails that have a typo in the subject line. Then, sure enough, a couple of hours later another email arrives with a sheepish “Whoops! Look what we did. Aren’t we human and clumsy? Here’s the email again with the right spelling.”

Or maybe it’s the current trend of sending out a “Whoops! We put the wrong link on our last email. Sorry. Aren’t we human and clumsy?”

The trouble is, they’re lying. Deliberately making a mistake in order to justify contacting your customers again with another email really isn’t as convincing as some marketing agencies seem to think it is. Particularly when you get five different companies all doing it in the same week.

It’s better for your business to have 50 people valuing your emails than 500 people feeling manipulated and reaching for that unsubscribe button. The more authentic you can be, the better the bond you’ll build with your customers and more valuable that relationship will be to you.