Apps that help you live on the open web

Found a terrific listing for apps from independent developers or that promote open standards on the web.

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There are apps for blogging, finding content, writing, programming, podcasting, sourcing imagery and design. It’s Mac-centric (sorry Windows folk), but many of the services have web or Windows versions too.

Why do we need open standards?

Remember when Adobe suddenly changed from a buy-a-product model to a software-as-a-service model that costs up to £900 a year? Many designers felt trapped because all of their work was locked in Adobe proprietary file formats. Even years later there are people who keep a Creative Cloud subscription going just to access their old designs.

The move towards more open standards means that your data is more easily transferable between services and gives you a much wider range of choices in the apps you use.

The list also contains lots of ways to digest open-standards content, like podcasts and news that aren’t forced through Apple or Google’s services.

Have an explore at and enjoy a more open web.