And We're Back

The lockdown has changed a lot, for all of us.

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Our incomes, our career goals, our sense of security, they’ve all been shaken. We feel more fragile than we did a year ago.

There are people out there, creative, gifted people, who are being forced to retreat into jobs that waste their talents, if they can find jobs at all. People who are hit so hard by the gloom and the trauma of this terrible year that they feel they need to shelve their dreams just to keep above water.

But our dreams are not currency. We don’t need to sacrifice them to circumstance.  

We need to rethink how we achieve the life we want.

We need to broaden our skills so we can secure the career we want.

We need to forge supportive new relationships with other creatives to ensure the financial security we want.

That’s why this new season of The Wayfinder is focussing on independence. How can we use our creative talents to build ourselves a secure income, an income we control, when demand for our primary skill may be lagging? I’ll be looking at ways to diversify, ways to use your experience to support your living and all of the technology that can help you. I’ll be experimenting, sharing my victories and failures, passing on what I’ve learned and helping us all to keep creating, even in these difficult times.

Episode 1 is coming in January. I really hope to see you there.

May your dreams remain undimmed.