Add a bit of Squoosh to your images

Add a bit of Squoosh to your images

James Laurence Wood

The web is all about speed, so if you want to use big, beautiful images in your blog post or portfolio, you need to make sure the images are well optimised so that your visitors get a snappy experience whatever their connection’s like.

Squoosh can help. While not intended as a replacement for a photo editing app, it’s a free, quick browser-based tool for resizing and converting images. It gives you a before and after comparison with a handy slider, and it has plenty of options for handling transparency, compression amount and image size. Usefully it also handles conversions to the modern WebP format which offers better photo compression than JPEG and also supports transparent backgrounds, which previously forced us to use the chunky PNG format.

There’s no batch image compression or cropping, so it’s not going to replace Photoshop, but if you’re on the move or just need a quick photo squeeze when you’re blogging, it’s perfect. It’s all free to use and has offline support.

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